CMS provides a full range of Multi-Dwelling Unit network access services and regardless if you choose one, many or all MDU services, CMS can deliver a custom package to your business. With over 12 years of experience, MDU Internet delivery is one of our biggest service offerings. Our large-scale Fiber Optic, CAT5e/CAT6 and 802.11a/g/n/ac wireless network deployments are built using the best tools, software, equipment and people.




  • New builds and renovation – Rather you have new construction, an existing network or anything in-between, CMS will custom design a wired, wireless or hybrid network to deliver the biggest amenity to your tenants, Internet.

  • Automated registration and Internet Access control – We make it easy for you and your tenants, from automated tenant registration with zero setup to integration with your property management software. Curb illegal tenants, decrease past due accounts and reduce collection labor.

  • Tenant Support – Technology doesn’t exist without issues, and with the wide range of devices tenants have nowadays they are bound to encounter problems. Our 24x7 dedicated technical support is available to handle tenant support issues.

  • Bandwidth – from 10 Megabit to 10 Gigabit, we can service your property to meet tenant bandwidth demands.



Don’t want to invest in a network that needs constant replacement to keep up with new technology? Our Hardware-as-a-Service plans put that burden on us so you have a fixed budget and can focus on running your business.


CMS Internet Director is a streamlined system for automating Internet access control for Multi-Dwelling Units, built for property management companies using Rent Manager property management software.




  • Automated Tenant Registration – Tenants register each of their devices one time with a fast, easy to use portal that authenticates the tenant against your tenant database. This helps curb illegal tenants from using your free amenity. After registration, they can enjoy immediate internet access without any setup required.

  • Automated Internet Control – The system will automatically disable the tenants’ internet service in the event they are past due on their rent. It then redirects the user to a notification message of which they can make an online rent payment to restore their service using your existing payment gateway. In the event of a multiple tenants leasing the same unit, the system will disable all users tied to the unit. This puts increased demand on staying current, as well as reduces collection labor.

  • Bandwidth Control – Per device bandwidth control insures fair usage of resources available on the network.

  • Dashboard and Reporting – Property managers can access a dashboard to view system statistics and reports including indication of suspected units with illegal tenants.

  • Compatible with any broadband internet service.

  • Field Tested – The CMS Internet Director has been in operation for over 10 years. Field tested in large density properties, and has been continuously evolved to its current form.



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