Any old communications company can provide phone service, but only CMS can provide a Phone Solution. Our business telephone service solution is developed and supported locally by CMS and powered by the CMS Internet Cloud. Our telephone service utilizes your internet connection to place and receive crystal clear calls and with the highest quality. Enjoy unlimited long distance and an array of flexible features that are all included at no extra cost.




  • Unlimited Calling to all 50 US States, Canada & Puerto Rico

  • 24/7 Tech Support

  • Free Number Porting - Take your existing telephone number(s) with you

  • Unlimited DID’s

  • International Calling Available




  • SIP– The best form of service delivery. Our SIP Trunks support unlimited channels (Lines).

  • POTS handoff –If your system requires standard phone lines we will install equipment to convert SIP to Analog POTS lines that can be directly attached to your phones or legacy PBX.

  • PRI handoff –If your PBX requires a PRI handoff we will install equipment to convert SIP to a PRI interface. The PRI interface can be configured to match your existing PBX configuration.




  • Forward calls automatically when your power or internet is out. Works with all service delivery types. Support for different forwarding numbers per DID.

  • Flexible Call Forwarding - Configure call forwarding settings to fit your needs. Forward all calls on demand or only when your line is busy or you are unable to make it to the phone. Forward calls automatically when your power or internet is out.

  • Outbound Caller ID Blocking - Hide your number when you make calls.

  • Last Call Return - Hear who last called you and return the call without dialing.

  • Voicemail - Easy to use voicemail with option to email new messages.

  • Do Not Disturb - Send calls to voicemail or busy tone, on demand.

  • 3 Way Calling - Add a person to your call at any time.

  • Call Waiting - Notification of a second call when you are already talking.


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